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23 January 2024
Women for the green transition
LUCE Awards | Emerging Talent

Building on the success of the first edition, the 2nd edition of the LUCE Awards takes another step towards advancing the Green Transition. In a world where energy, climate, and sustainability goals are paramount, this edition is a testament to the indispensable role women play in steering us towards a brighter and more sustainable future.

Embarking on a mission to deepen gender mainstreaming within the realms of energy, climate, and sustainability and supported by Landwärme and Edison, the 2nd edition of the LUCE Award continues to spotlight women’s remarkable contributions and achievements. As we collectively navigate the path toward a greener and more inclusive future, this edition promises to amplify the voices and impact of women who are at the forefront of the Green Transition.

The LUCE Awards event will take place in Florence on 16 May 2024

Emerging Talent category

The Emerging Talent category is established to recognise the achievements of up-and-coming female academics, entrepreneurs, founders (also of non-registered projects), advocates and young civil society leaders working to advance the Green Transition agenda worldwide. The selection will be conducted through an open call for applications.

Eligible candidates

All candidates must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Up to 5 years of experience in the sector
  • Age limit: none
  • Geographical scope: world
  • Have a proven interest in pursuing goals related to the Green Transition worldwide

Suitable candidates have launched/created or significantly contributed to:

  • Specific projects, initiatives, solutions (including startups)
  • Research and dissemination activities (books, papers, podcast series, learning opportunities, awareness campaigns, etc.)
  • Volunteering programmes

The ideal candidate’s background is variegated and includes the following:

  • For research activities: PIs, PhD researchers, post-docs and fellows, main authors
  • For startups or projects: Founders or project managers in organisations and startups
  • For volunteering programmes: Activists and volunteers for institutions with a social mission

Eligible projects

The Emerging Talent category is meant to give recognition to the candidates whose projects/initiatives/organisations match the following criteria:

  • Must be ongoing or recent (concluded in the last year)
  • Must be carried out by female energy, climate and sustainability professionals
  • The types of initiatives may vary to include projects, volunteering initiatives, academic or scientific publications, innovative or tech solutions, scientific dissemination activities and more
  • The candidates should be shouldering a considerable portion of the workload for the project/ research/ company they work on and have a leadership position on it
  • Must be carried out in the context of the energy, climate and sustainability sectors and have the potential to push forward the Green Transition worldwide

Application process

Applicants are required to:

Selection process

  • Upon closure of the call, all applications will be assessed against the criteria set out by the call
  • A Selection Committee will make a final selection and select a winner

What we offer to the Awardee:

  • The winner will be invited to the awarding ceremony in Florence on 16 May 2024 to receive the trophy;
  • One free seat in one community course, offered by the Florence School of Regulation Energy and Climate.

Only registered members of the Energybase can apply for this opportunity.

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