The Green Transition requires a broader involvement of women for a better future, where energy, climate and sustainability goals are to be achieved. In an effort to further gender mainstreaming in these sectors and highlight women’s role and achievements in the Green Transition, the Lights on Women initiative is proud to launch the LUCE Award. 


The Awards

On 16 May 2023, the LUCE Awards will award prizes in recognition of two categories of women working in the energy, climate and sustainability sectors:

  • Emerging Talent 
  • Legacy Woman 

With these awards, the Lights on Women initiative aims to shed light on the careers of talented women conducting activities or projects meant to further the green transition everywhere in the world.

Potential areas of work and research of the candidates include the energy transition, climate emergency, energy access, energy poverty and sustainable development goals, renewables and more.


Emerging Talent category

The LUCE Award| Emerging Talent category is established to recognize the contributions of up-and-coming female academics, entrepreneurs, founders (also of non-registered projects), advocates and young civil society leaders working to advance the Green Transitions agenda worldwide. The selection will be conducted through an open call for applications.

More information can be found below.

Available posts

1 post available

  • English
  • Fluent
  • Required

Details of the post

Suitable candidates are working on and spearheading:

  • Specific projects, initiatives, solutions (including startups)
  • Research and dissemination activities (books, papers, podcast series, learning opportunities, awareness campaigns etc.)
  • Volunteering programmes

The ideal candidate’s background is variegated and includes the following:

  • PhD researchers, post-docs and fellows
  • Founders or project managers in companies and startups
  • Activists and volunteers for institutions with a social mission

All candidates must have a proven interest in pursuing goals related to the green transition worldwide.

  • Age limit: none
  • Geographical scope: world

The LUCE Award | Emerging Talent category is meant to give recognition to contributions and candidates that match the following criteria:


  • Contributions must be ongoing or recent (concluded in the last year)
  • Contributions must be carried out by female energy, climate and sustainability professionals
  • The types of contributions may vary to include projects, volunteering initiatives, academic or scientific publications, innovative or tech solutions, scientific dissemination activities and more;
  • The candidates should be shouldering a considerable portion of the workload for the project/ research/ company they work on and have a leadership position on it;
  • All contributions must be made in the context of the energy, climate and sustainability sectors and have the potential to push forward the green transition worldwide. 


The application process is organised through an open call via the Energybase.

Applicants are required to submit the following:

  • Description of the activities of the applicant project/ initiative/ organisation (max 5,000 characters)
  • Roadmap of the project. Candidates are required to provide a strategic overview of the project’s major goals and deliverables for the coming 12 months.


Only registered members of the Energybase can apply for this opportunity.

  • Upon closure of the call, all applications will be assessed against the criteria set out by the call;
  • A committee of high-profile women in energy, climate and sustainability will make a final selection and select a winner;

What we offer to the Awardee:

  • A formal invitation to attend the awarding ceremony on 16 May 2023 in Florence;
  • A trophy for the 1st Lights on Women’s LUCE Award | Emerging Talent category;
  • One free seat to one community course, offered by the Florence School of Regulation Energy and Climate. More information on the courses can be found here.

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