The Florence School of Regulation Energy launches its 5th Lights on Women Scholarship under the Lights on Women initiative.

The 2023 edition of the scholarship will offer 9 free seats to FSR courses to women contributing to innovative solutions, research, and initiatives that accelerate a sustainable, diverse, resilient, and just energy transiti

Available posts

9 posts available

Location / Mode


  • English
  • Fluent
  • Required

Details of the post

Candidates are requested to submit:

  • A letter to clearly express their motivations for applying for the scholarship, demonstrating how it will help them advance their goals, and illustrate their desire to invest in learning, networking, and joining a global energy community.
  • A written submission in response to an open-ended question regarding ways to contribute to the energy transition through their work, advocacy, studies.

Course offering: the Scholarship provides free access  to one of the FSR community courses starting in the in spring 2023. Our training portfolio includes courses – on a wide variety of topics and on different levels of engagement – which will provide you with the technical knowledge needed to take advantage of employment and leadership opportunities.

Join the LoW network: the recipients of the scholarship will also be joining a community of like-minded women who wish to make a difference.

Visibility opportunities: Each recipient can publish an article on the FSR Knowledge hub as a Lights on Women contributing to increasing the visibility of their expertise.

Verified status on the Energybase: successful candidates will receive “verified status” on the Energybase.


We know that having varied perspectives helps generate innovative ideas to solve the complex energy problems in our changing—and increasingly complex—world.

For this reason, no specific academic or professional background is required.

English: Fluent

Other information

This scholarship aims to provide women of all ages, nationalities, employment status and seniority fair access to the technical training needed to advance their careers.

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