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20 March 2023
Women for the Green Transition
LUCE Awards | Legacy Women

Building on the success of the first edition, the 2nd edition of the LUCE Awards takes another step towards advancing the Green Transition. In a world where energy, climate, and sustainability goals are paramount, this edition is a testament to the indispensable role women play in steering us towards a brighter and more sustainable future.

Embarking on a mission to deepen gender mainstreaming within the realms of energy, climate, and sustainability and supported by Landwärme and Edison, the 2nd edition of the LUCE Awards continues to spotlight women’s remarkable contributions and achievements. As we collectively navigate the path toward a greener and more inclusive future, this edition promises to amplify the voices and impact of women who are at the forefront of the Green Transition.

The LUCE Awards event will take place in Florence on 16 May 2024

Legacy Women category

The scope of this category is to honour the career of a senior female professional who has successfully used their platform and voice to push forward the energy, climate, and sustainability sectors.

The profile for the ideal candidate includes the following aspects:

  • LEGACY: the candidate should be an established female professional working at the forefront of the energy climate and sustainability sectors
  • ADVOCACY: the candidate should be a woman who has a track record of impactful projects or initiatives with a social mission and whose work has contributed significantly to the advancement of energy and climate goals
  • TIMELINESS OF THEIR ACTIONS: the candidate should be a woman who is still active in their roles and engaged in initiatives paving the way for a greener future

Eligibility Criteria

  • Age limit: none
  • Geographical scope: world
  • Years of experience: over 15
  • The candidate must have leveraged their influence for advocacy projects or initiatives, projects with a social mission, and projects with an impact that goes beyond career advancement objectives


  • The women that are part of the selecting committee cannot be candidates for the award
  • When shortlisting candidates for the first round of the selection process, the members of the Committee cannot put forward names of women working/ being affiliated with the same company/ institution as theirs
  • Women whose contributions have already been acknowledged far and wide are to be excluded from the selection (e.g. energy commissioners, energy ministers, celebrity advocates, and high-level political personalities). The idea of the award is to spotlight the contributions and careers of women that too often go undetected and neglected.

Selection, evaluation criteria and voting

  • A Selection Committee will shortlist a maximum of 18 candidates (up to 2 names for each member of the Committee) for the award;
  • Among the shortlisted, all eligible candidates (see “ineligibility” criteria in the section above) will qualify for the final vote on the Lights on Women platform;
  • All those shortlisted who give permission to participate in the public vote will be featured on the platform with a profile (including a picture, a short bio and a quote) and a vote will be opened;
  • All registered members will be allowed to vote for a maximum of one candidate from the list of eligible shortlisted candidates;
    The list of candidates for the vote will soon be available
  • The candidate that has collected more votes will win the Award.

Prize and awarding ceremony

  • The winner will be invited to the awarding ceremony in Florence on 16 May 2024 to receive the trophy;
  •  She will be offered one free ticket to the European University Institute’s flagship conference – the State of the Union – taking place in Florence on 23 and 24 May 2024.

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