LUCE Awards | Legacy Women

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20 March 2023
Women for the Green Transition
LUCE Awards | Legacy Women

Building on the success of the first edition, the 2nd edition of the LUCE Awards takes another step towards advancing the Green Transition. In a world where energy, climate, and sustainability goals are paramount, this edition is a testament to the indispensable role women play in steering us towards a brighter and more sustainable future.

Embarking on a mission to deepen gender mainstreaming within the realms of energy, climate, and sustainability and supported by Landwärme and Edison, the 2nd edition of the LUCE Awards continues to spotlight women’s remarkable contributions and achievements. As we collectively navigate the path toward a greener and more inclusive future, this edition promises to amplify the voices and impact of women who are at the forefront of the Green Transition.

Legacy Women category

The scope of this category is to honour the career of a senior female professional who has successfully used their platform and voice to push forward the energy, climate, and sustainability sectors.

The profile for the ideal candidate includes the following aspects:

  • LEGACY: the candidate should be an established female professional working at the forefront of the energy climate and sustainability sectors
  • ADVOCACY: the candidate should be a woman who has a track record of impactful projects or initiatives with a social mission and whose work has contributed significantly to the advancement of energy and climate goals
  • TIMELINESS OF THEIR ACTIONS: the candidate should be a woman who is still active in their roles and engaged in initiatives paving the way for a greener future
Luce Award - Legacy Women

How to vote

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    Register on the EnergyBase or verify your email address

    The voting for the Legacy Women category is open to all women registered on the EnergyBase or all the users that have verified their own email address.

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    EnergyBase users

    If you are an EnergyBase user, please log in and vote for the candidate by clicking on the "Vote" button

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    Other Users

    To ensure the integrity of the voting process, we requite you to verify your email address by entering a verification code. Click on the "Vote" button and request a new code, then check your email and enter the code in the Voting window.

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    Limits and deadline

    Each user is permitted a maximum of one vote for the candidates. The deadline is 24 March 2024.

Shortlisted candidates (Voting is closed)

Photo Joyce Kisamo

The role of women in green transition is very big taking into account that, women are the leading persons in every household or at homes in cooking so can influence cooking methods especially those that leads to clean cooking. Women are main users of energy especially for cooking that dominate other uses at homes so they can play a role of leadership and advocacy for clean energy.

Photo Laura Cozzi

Women make up less than one-fifth of the energy workforce today, but suffer disproportionately the impacts of cooking with traditional fuels in developing economies. The energy transition needs to involve everyone regardless of its country, gender, or age and would require putting women at the forefront.

Photo Marta Almeida Afonso

Women’s involvement in the Green Transition is essential, as they offer unique insights that foster innovation and bring diversity to decision-making, ensuring ethical and sustainable corporate strategies for the Green Transition.

Photo Rana Adib

Women make up 50% of the world's population. We will never achieve the energy transition without them nor meet the 2030 Agenda commitment to leave no one behind. Women must equally lead and participate. If not we will fail in building a resilient, just and sustainable world with renewables at its centre.

Photo Una Shortall

Every sector must draw on its best talents and find innovative solutions for a carbon-neutral future. Women are role models. Story-tell your energy expertise in your daily life to rally others to think green and act sustainably.

Photo Marine Cornelis

Women's voices are pivotal in shaping a sustainable future. Our diverse perspectives catalyze just and inclusive transitions, embodying resilience and innovation.

Photo Dörte Fouquet

It is the growing corps of strong committed and networking women all over the world and their creative quest for energy transition, fair access to renewable energy and efficiency, creators of enabling technologies , promoter and defender of strong legislation, citizen-driven projects and good administration which makes renewable energy really green and sustainable. Without our creative and professional energy, societies would not advance at all.

Photo Natalia Fabra

As women, we care about a future that leaves no one behind. Advocating for a greener and more inclusive society is essential to this fight.

Photo Houda Ben Jannet-Allal

Women, whether citizens, mothers or professionals, have a key role to play to make the green energy transition just and equitable, closing the gender and social gap, especially in developing countries where that gap is most challenging, and women can be a major driver of change.

Photo Edda Sif Pind Aradóttir

We have seen global pushback on women’s rights and gender equality over the past decade and this is a serious social regression that must be reversed. Climate change further disproportionately affects women and girls globally, and their lives and health are already being impacted severely. It is pivotal to highlight women’s role in climate to empower us and make sure we are included in all discussions and decision making.

Photo Melissa C. Lott

Women are leading efforts around the world to deploy the solutions we need to solve climate change and make sure that these solutions are long lasting. This leadership is critical to our ability to reach our goals and will hugely impact our future.

Photo Margalita Arabidze

In the Green Transition, women shape a narrative of sustainability, leading with resilience, innovation, and a commitment to a thriving planet. Their ability to navigate complexities and contribute practical insights brings a unique dynamism to sustainability efforts. As a female leader, I am dedicated to fostering an environment where upcoming women leaders contribute significantly to crafting a more sustainable and equitable future.

Photo Andrijana Nelkova-Chuchuk

Investing in the advancement and participation of women in the energy sector is not only the right thing to do, but also the smart thing to do as it is an economically viable business decision. Data shows that women’s participation in the energy sector, particularly as high-level decision makers, remains low. Therefore, I strongly support all kind of initiatives for women empowerment.

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