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20 March 2023
Women for the Green Transition
LUCE Awards | Legacy Women

The Green Transition requires a broader involvement of women for a better future, where energy, climate and sustainability goals are to be achieved. To further gender mainstreaming in these sectors and highlight women’s roles and achievements in the Green Transition, the Lights on Women initiative is proud to launch the LUCE Awards. 

The Awards

On 16 May 2023, the LUCE Awards will give prizes in recognition of two categories of women working in the energy, climate and sustainability sectors:

  • Emerging Talent
  • Legacy Women 

The event will take place at the European University Institute in Florence and online.


With these awards, the Lights on Women initiative aims to shed light on the careers of talented women conducting activities or projects meant to further the green transition everywhere in the world.

Potential areas of work and research of the candidates include the energy transition, climate emergency, energy access, energy poverty and sustainable development goals, renewables and more.

There’s a special place in heaven for women who help one another.

Legacy Women category 

The scope of this category is to honour the career of senior female professionals who have successfully used their platforms and voices to push forward the energy, climate, and sustainability sectors. 

The vote for the ideal candidate taked into account the following aspects:

  • LEGACY: the candidates should be established female professionals working at the forefront of the energy climate and sustainability sectors;
  • ADVOCACY: the candidates should be women who have a track record of impactful projects or initiatives with a social mission and whose work has contributed significantly to the advancement of energy and climate goals;
  • TIMELINESS OF THEIR ACTIONS: the candidates should be women who are still active in their roles and engaged in initiatives paving the way for a greener future.



  • Age limit: none
  • Geographical scope: world
  • Years of experience: over 15
  • The candidates must have leveraged their influence for advocacy projects or initiatives, projects with a social mission, and projects with an impact that goes beyond career advancement objectives.



  • The women that are part of the selecting committee can’t be candidates for the award;
  • When shortlisting candidates for the first round of the selection process, the members of the Committee can’t put forward names of women working/ being affiliated with the same company/ institution as theirs;
  • Women whose contributions have already been acknowledged far and wide are to be excluded from the selection ( commissioners, energy ministers, celebrity advocates, and high-level political personalities. The idea of the award is to shed light on the contributions and careers of women that too often go undetected and neglected).



  • A committee made of a majority of high-profile women in energy, climate and sustainability will shortlist a maximum of 18 candidates (up to 2 name for each member of the Committee) for the award;
  • Among the shortlisted, all the eligible candidates (see “ineligibility” criteria in the section above) will qualify for the final vote on the Lights on Women platform;
  • All those shortlisted who give permission to participate in the public vote will be featured on the platform with a profile (including a picture, a short bio and a quote) and a vote will be opened;
  • All registered members of the Lights on Women database (Energybase) will be allowed to vote for a maximum of one candidate from the list of eligible shortlisted;
  • The candidate that has collected more votes will win the Award.



  1. Register to The voting for the Legacy Women category is open to all women upon registration on the platform.
  2. Vote here for one of the shortlisted candidates: Each registered user is allowed a maximum of one vote to the shortlisted candidates.

The vote will close on 16 April 2023.



  • The winner will be invited to the awarding ceremony in Florence on 16 May 2023 to receive the trophy;
  • She will be offered one free seat in a high-level Executive Training Course by the Florence School of Regulation (EUI).


The LUCE Awards are organised by the Florence School of Regulation in collaboration with partner of the initiative, Landwärme.

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