Be our Lights

Ambassadors for Lights on Women 

The Lights on Women Ambassadors are influential professionals who champion diversity, equity, and inclusion in the energy, climate and sustainability sectors. These remarkable women serve as inspiring role models, mentors, and advocates, working towards promoting gender equality, fostering partnerships, and creating a more supportive environment for every woman in the field. 

Duration of the mandate: 2 years 

Benefits of being an Ambassador  

Visibility and recognition

  • Have an account in the Energybase with a special “Ambassador” label 
  • Your picture, bio, quote, and social media links displayed on the Lights on Women website 
  • Networking and professional development opportunities 
  • Expand your connections with like-minded professionals and enhance the visibility of women in the sector 
  • Be invited to participate as a speaker in the FSR events related to your expertise 
  • Be invited to contribute to the FSR education portfolio activities related to your expertise.

Community impact 

  • Make a difference and advance gender equality in the energy, climate and sustainability sectors 
  • Influence your network’s approach to sustainability and equality 
  • Inspire and educate our audience via impactful initiatives and knowledge sharing. 

Activities and responsibilities 

Being an ambassador is not just a title, it’s a commitment to making a positive impact. Our ambassadors are invited to contribute through: 

  • Publish articles on the Lights on Women blog
  • Record interviews or podcasts on your topic of choice
  • Contribute to the development of career resources.
  • Represent the Lights on Women initiative at relevant events, conferences, and forums
  • Promote the ambassadors programme in interviews and events to raise awareness
  • Help in connecting with like-minded organisations, influencers, and stakeholders to expand the reach and impact of Lights on Women
  • Promote the Energybase and invite female talents in your network to join the initiativ
  • Share social media content developed by Lights on Women to promote initiative activities
  • Promote your engagement as Ambassador of Lights on Women within your social networks
  • Actively engage with our online community.