In 2017, the Lights on Women initiative emerged as a spontaneous editorial endeavour within the Florence School of Regulation (FSR) aimed at illuminating the remarkable identities and career paths of women professionals in the energy sector, championing gender equality, advocating for equal opportunities across genders and rigorously scrutinising our activities through a gender-focused lens. Over time, this initiative transformed into a structured and all-encompassing venture, infusing its principles into every facet of FSR’s work, from training and events to knowledge-making. 


Lights on Women Envisions a World Where Gender Equality Illuminates the Energy, Climate and Sustainability Sectors.


Guided by the principles of inclusivity and equal opportunity, the Lights on Women initiative is on a mission to challenge industry norms and address the pressing need for gender equality and representation in the energy, climate and sustainability sectors. We empower women by championing gender equality, increasing the visibility of female professionals, celebrating their achievements, promoting equal opportunities and advocating for change. We support our mission through advocacy, education and scholarships, special events and awards, and a dynamic talents and opportunities matchmaking platform Energybase. 

Project Goals

  • To organise and streamline our Lights on Women and FSR activities (events, training, blog and campaigns) in pursuit of advancing gender fairness and equality objectives;  
  • To maintain and improve a platform that champions women and establishes a safe space for discussion and growth;  
  • To share new career advancement opportunities through calls for instructors and vacancies and to be mindful of offering equal opportunities as an employer;   
  • To implement actions that actively improve and sustain gender equality and diversity at our institute (in panels, executive education and research);  
  • To educate, train, mentor and upskill female professionals to break down barriers in the energy sector;  
  • To partner up with and learn from initiatives that have consistent goals and vision to ours; 
  • To provide mentorship and guidance to empower women in promoting and achieving gender equality.  


The Lights on Women initiative is driven by four core actions:

Connect through the Energybase: Our dynamic database serves as a versatile talent matchmaking platform, bridging the gap between talented women in the energy, climate and sustainability sectors and organisations seeking diverse talent. It’s a two-way avenue, enabling women to browse for opportunities and to be discovered by organisations. 

Recognise with LUCE Awards: In 2023, we introduced the LUCE Awards to champion women’s pivotal roles in the Green Transition. This initiative not only supports the advancement of gender mainstreaming in energy, climate and sustainability but also spotlights women’s outstanding contributions and achievements that pave the way for a more sustainable future. 

Empower with Lights on Women Scholarships: Our scholarships provide vital support for women at all career stages, fostering ongoing education and equipping them with the skills needed to break down gender barriers in their careers.  

Inspire with the Lights on Women Blog: Our blog is a spotlight on the journeys and accomplishments of women professionals in the energy, climate, and sustainability sectors. It is a stage where women professionals shine, sharing their voices.