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16 May 2024

LUCE Awards 2024

The LUCE Awards champions women's pivotal roles in the Green Transition.

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The Energybase is a social platform for improving gender diversity in the energy field while boosting opportunities for female professionals.


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Female voices for the energy transition

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As our society is undergoing important transitions, be it green or digital, we must ensure that women and men have equal opportunities and that inequalities are not further exacerbated by change. On the contrary, we have to create conditions for women to be agents for a fair transition at work and in private.
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Female CEOs and political leaders are no longer anomalies – although they still get paid less and are criticised for their ambition, they are there. We have all witnessed how women leaders have handled the COVID crisis or the way Greta Thunberg has galvanised an entire generation.
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For a long time, the energy sector has been male-dominated and, while there has been progress in recent years, more efforts are needed. Gender equality could be helped by the clean energy transition, which will create new jobs so as to exploit the full potential of a more diverse workforce, where no one should be left behind.
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